accidental life resized(1)An Accidental Life – BUY HERE

Summertime is hot and dull in the Central Valley of California and four teenage girls from very different families are determined to spice it up. With a single-mindedness that foretells disaster, they push aside all the rules and explore the underbelly of valley life. Drugs, sex, alcohol, adventure, anything to challenge the norm, yet all experienced without the benefit of maturity. As the girls become increasingly uncontrollable, their mothers–from dramatically diverse social backgrounds–are forced to work together to save their daughters. Like a tornado moving across the landscape, lives are wrenched from their foundations…





(2)Embrace the Whirlwind – BUY HERE

How does one person connect to another in a meaningful and satisfying way?  Can a tortured past and tangled family history impede prospects for finding happiness in the future?  The author explores the multidimensional character of Amber Cushing, a young woman whose conflicted relationship with her mother propels her into a whirlwind of bad choices.  Her growing addiction to love pushes her out of control and thwarts any chance at happiness.  But when she begins to explore her own feelings and understand the reasons behind her actions, Amber starts to forgive herself and to forge a brave new future.  (Sequel: Interior Designs – Published in April 2014)




027(3)Chasing Stardust – BUY HERE

Laurel-Rain Snow, author of An Accidental Life and Embrace the Whirlwind, now tells her most triumphant story yet in Chasing Stardust. Compassionate and wise, this novel examines life, love, and parenting in the modern world. Once again, the author creates wonderfully flawed characters that readers will find impossible not to love for their dogged misdirected affections. In this tale, a single mother will learn to love herself after years of defeat, humiliation, and self-loathing and figure out what makes her happy as a parent, as a professional, and as a woman. With her hands full at home and at the office, love comes late in more ways than one. It’s not exactly the love she was looking for, but finally, for once, love comes to stay and she’s no longer chasing stardust, she’s dancing in it.